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Westland Medical Centre

Physiotherapy & Complementary Therapies by The Sherwood Clinic

Westland Medical Centre has a well-equipped physiotherapy clinic with full treatment facilities. The physiotherapy service is led by Sushma Sanghvi, Practice Principal at The Sherwood Clinic. A wide range of Physiotherapy and complimentary healthcare services are offered from routine physiotherapy for muscle and joint pain to acupuncture and Ayurveda. We aim to provide the highest quality care in a friendly and relaxing environment.

Our Services include:

  • NECK & BACK PAIN: Whiplash, soft tissue injury, muscle strain, sciatica, disc prolapse, spondylosis and arthritis
  • HIP, KNEE & ANKLE PAIN: Muscle and ligament strain and strains, bursitis, arthritis and post operative rehab
  • SPORTS INJURIES: Injury to muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilage and strains and sprains as well as post operative rehabilitationg
  • WOMEN’S HEALTH: pelvic muscle weakness, musculo-skeletal problems such as back pain during pregnancy or in the post-natal period as well as treatment and advice following breast surgery.
  • NEUROLOGICAL REHABILITATION: stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, facial palsy as well as children’s conditions such as cerebral palsy.
  • RESPIRATIORY CONDITIONS & REHABILITATION: Asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD, hyperventilation syndrome

Ms Sushma Sanghvi

MSc (Physiotherapy) MSc (Ayurveda) MA

Sushma is an extended scope physiotherapist with a wealth of experience in wide ranging specialities. Sushma is dedicated to provide a highest possible professional standard of care for all her clients.

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